Marriage Help in New York: Don’t Ignore the Name-Calling

For better or worse does not mean that your marriage should consist of abuse and that there is nothing you can do. Abuse does not only mean physical contact. There are several different kinds of abuse that are not just physical. Verbal abuse can start subtly with a minor insult here and there. It can, however, quickly escalate into constant name-calling and even threats of physical harm. You should address these concerns before they escalate by getting marriage help in New York. Having a professional on board to help may save your marriage or it may help you realize the relationship is at its end. 

Is name-calling verbal abuse?

Marriage is not easy and can be one of the most challenging things to do in life. Conflict and stress are part of every marriage, but how the couple reacts to each other will determine how well things go after the wedding. A couple needs to have healthy communication at all times, but especially when an issue occurs. This is not to say that you should never get angry or frustrated, but instead that you need to consider each other in how you express these emotions and how you react when your partner does. When a relationship devolves into name-calling and violence threats, it has become toxic and abusive. Verbal abuse is never acceptable. You should get marriage help in New York at the first sign of verbal or other abuse. 

Letting out anger

Anger is an emotion and you should never try to hide your emotions, but instead face them constructively. It is natural to express your emotions to the person closest to you and sometimes it can be too much. When you let out all of your negative emotions on your spouse, this creates negative feelings in the marriage, which can spiral into more problems if not addressed by getting marriage help in New York. In counseling, you will learn healthy ways to communicate your feelings and emotions. 

How to respond to verbal abuse

Verbal abuse is not just name-calling but also raising your voice regularly and putting the other person down. It can also consist of blaming others for your actions or for things beyond anyone’s control. Manipulation and dismissing a person’s feelings can also be signs of verbal and emotional abuse. There are some ways that a person can respond to verbal abuse. 

When things feel off or there are signs of escalating verbal abuse, you should seek marriage help in New York. Surround yourself with a strong support system and communicate your concerns directly to your partner. If things get worse, it may be time to leave the marriage and seek shelter away from the marital home. Do not blame yourself for another person’s actions or engage in conflict with the abuser. This can only make things worse and safety is of the utmost importance.

Call Marriage Couples Counseling Today

Healing from an abusive marriage can be one of the biggest struggles you may ever undergo. Even if the abuse has stopped, the scars will remain. The trust has been broken and it will take time to rebuild that trust. The victim of the abuse will need to rewire their brain since it has been completely changed from the abuse. They may feel trapped and emotionally disconnected. 
Many relationships and marriages may not be able to bounce back when there has been abuse present. If there are even small signs that a relationship can become abusive, you will need marriage help in New York by calling Marriage Couples Counseling at 212-673-4618. We can help you work through difficult situations and help you decide if it is best to stay in the relationship or if it is time to separate.

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