André Anthony Moore, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (New York State License: 001435)

Ketamine and Psychedelic Assisted Therapist certified by The Integrative Psychiatry Institute Practitioner of Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Use Nonverbal Sensorimotor Techniques to deepen Emotionally Focused Therapy

Where to Get the Best New York Couple Counseling?

There are different reasons why you may need to seek couples counseling in New York. The reasons may not all be bad and can sometimes be a way to prevent issues down the line. However, you cannot just trust any New York couple counselor with your future. You will need to find a counselor that specializes in counseling couples and can help you through your specific issues. On your search for a counselor, you may not know where to begin, but here are some tips: 

What to look for in New York couple counseling?

There are a few things that you should look into when searching for a couple counselor. The first is their training and licenses. There is a range of mental health licenses that a counselor can have. Although there is not one specific certification for marriage counseling required to practice, most counselors will be Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT). 

You will also need to consider their therapy approach. Therapists can use a variety of methods when treating patients. Here are a few examples of therapy styles and approaches you may see your counselor implement into your treatment:

  • Psychodynamic therapy
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Emotionally-focused therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Imago therapy

When looking for New York couple counseling, ask each therapist what methods they use and find the one that works best for you and your partner. As a couple, you should both feel comfortable in the approaches used to grow together and as individuals. It is important that neither of you feels the counselor is taking one side over the other. They should serve as a neutral party.  

What issues can be addressed in marriage counseling? 

You and your partner can address a few key points when you attend New York couple counseling. Some of the most common issues a therapist can address are:

  • Money and finances
  • Conflict style
  • Stability
  • Communication
  • Faith and religion
  • Family concerns
  • Divorce concerns

What happens during a New York couple counseling secession?

The first session will be about getting to know the couple and the therapist and making sure it is a good fit. This may mean meeting separately at first and then meeting together. It is an opportunity for each individual to address their concerns and express exactly what they hope to achieve through counseling. After this, the therapist will create a plan for the following sessions. 

Paying for New York Couple Counseling

Depending on the counselor, there may be several ways that you can pay for your sessions. The first may be through your insurance company. You can find an in-network counselor that is fully covered or partially covered by your insurance carrier. If you find a New York couple counselor that is not covered under your insurance, you still will have a couple of other options. 

You can choose to pay completely out of pocket, which can widely range in price, but in New York, the costs are typically between $150 and $250 per hour. You can also ask to see if your counselor has packages or will work on a sliding scale. This is a scale for fees that a counselor will accept for clients with limited resources. You may be able to get lower fees depending on your budget and the flexibility of the counselor. 

Call Marriage Couples Counseling for an Appointment

When looking for couples counseling in New York, call Marriage Couples Counseling at 212-673-4618 to get started. We can help you work through a variety of issues and give you the tools to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

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