Why You Should Never Seek a Perfect Partner

In fairy tales, there is always true love. An undying, beautiful and always perfect love. Unfortunately, we live in the real world. Here, relationships have their ups and down. Sometimes our partners annoy us to no end with their disgusting, frustrating, or even downright bizarre behaviors. Is that such a bad thing, though? Here’s why you should never seek the perfect partner.

The “Perfect” Partner Is a Myth

Let’s just address the main issue with finding a perfect partner right off the bat. The dream of finding your one true soulmate, that individual who is suited for you – and only for you – is just that, a dream. The perfect partner, that is, the one who is a 100-percent match for you in every conceivable way, is a myth.

You’ll Never Find Them

The simple truth is that no matter how long you look, how many miles you cover, or how many dating sites you check out, there isn’t a single human on the planet who will meet ALL of your expectations in every way. And, if you think this statement is incorrect – and you already found that unblemished soulmate – you probably need to take a step back, sit down, and realize you are mistaken. There have probably been countless times where you stared at your phone wondering where they were or why they weren’t calling, or you’ve gotten annoyed at them.

So, What Now?

Accepting that you’ll never find that one perfect person may be depressing, but it shouldn’t be! The world is full of amazing, funny, caring, and attractive people to suit every taste! Sure, you may not find someone that ticks off every box but finding someone who ticks off four out of five is a pretty good start! Especially if they aren’t guilty of anything that you may consider a deal breaker in a relationship.

Life and relationships are all about compromise and growth. In fact, research shows that those who dwell on finding the best possible match are often much less happy with their relationships than those who stop searching for the “perfect” mate once they’ve found someone they like. Simply put, if you are looking for perfect happiness with someone, you may end with perfect unhappiness with no one.

Couples Counselling Can Help Your Relationship Flourish

Now that you understand why the perfect partner is a myth, you can begin focusing on finding someone you enjoy being with. And, even though they may do things that may annoy you, there are likely a few things you do which bother them as well. That’s where Marriage Couples Counselling in New York City comes in!

If you and your partner feel that you need help dealing with issues which may arise in your relationship, Marriage Couples Counselling in NYC has the tools to open the lines of communication and help your relationship flourish. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 212-673-4618. Life may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that your love can’t be just right!

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