Does Pre-Marital Counseling Really Help?

Getting married is an exciting time in almost every couple’s lives. With so much to do, however, it can seem overwhelming. For many, the idea of pre-marital couples counseling may seem like another burden – one which is not needed. After all, they’re in love – they think they’re not going to break up! Counseling, however, is a critical step which can give you the knowledge and tools to survive the rollercoaster ride of modern marriage. Does pre-marital counseling really work?

Does Pre-Marital Counseling Really HelpWhy Is Pre-Marital Counselling Done?

Pre-marital counseling may seem like an unwelcome burden on top of all the other considerations you have before your big day, but in reality, counseling can help you not only improve your relationship but tackle a whole host of tricky issues that you might not have even considered before. In a pre-marital counseling session, you’ll be encouraged by your counselor to discuss issues such as:


  • Finances
  • Communication
  • Marriage roles and expectations
  • Beliefs and values
  • The desire for children
  • Decision making
  • Relationships with family or friends
  • Anger
  • Intimacy

The Benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling

Better Understanding of Your Core Differences

One of the major things couples often try to overlook when getting married is their differences. Often, people try to focus on what they have in common, rather than discussing what sets them apart. How, for example, will one spouse who dreams of a quiet life on a farm react when they realize that their significant other wants to spend their lives in Manhattan?  Counseling can help you better understand what your opposing viewpoints may be, as well as giving you the chance to discuss them fully. This can allow you to see things from your loved one’s perspective.  Don’t let your differences tear you apart – let them enrich and enliven your relationship!

You Can Get an Outside Opinion

One of the things about relationships is that people in them often keep their issues between them and their partner. Prem-marital counseling gives you a chance to get an outsider’s opinion on issues you two may have been conflicted over for some time.

Couples will vastly benefit from a therapist’s wise and trained eye to talk to them honestly. Therapists know how to dig deeper into beliefs and concerns, and will be very honest with their thoughts on the couple’s prospects – whether they’ll make it or not.

It Can Help You Broach Issues You Were Afraid to Discuss

Pre-marital counseling is also a great way to address issues that you may have been too afraid to discuss beforehand. Concerns over finances – including debt, spending habits, and income – are all too common. Unfortunately, however, many people hate discussing things which may provoke awkwardness, irritation, or even anger. A professional marriage counselor can guide you through these difficult topics, allowing you both to better understand each other’s views and hopefully come to an amicable understanding of how your financial future together will be shaped.

Pre-Marital Counselling Can Help Your Relationship Flourish

These are just some of the myriad of benefits that can arise from pre-marital counseling. If you and your future spouse feel that you need help dealing with issues which may arise in your relationship, Marriage Couples Counseling in NYC has the tools to open the lines of communication and help your relationship flourish. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 212-673-4618. Life may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that your love can’t be just right!

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