How to Repair Broken Trust

How to Repair Broken Trust

Trust is the foundation of all romantic relationships – it can break as easily as it forms. The importance of trust exceeds what words can describe. Everything changes once trust breaks. Many people tend to believe that trust can only be damaged through means of infidelity or cheating. However, there are many different ways that trust can be broken.

Healthy, loving relationships need a high level of trust and integrity in order to flourish. Whether the violation of trust is large or small, it’s important to review what contributed and led to the situation in order to begin the healing process and lead to the restoration of trust in your relationship. Keep reading for Marriage Couples Counseling New York City’s guide on how to repair broken trust.

Determine If Your Relationship is Worth Rebuilding

After trust in your relationship is broken, the couple may realize their relationship isn’t worth rebuilding after all. Maybe the relationship was running its course and the situation in question was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Depending on how the trust was broken, the hurt partner may want to end the relationship.

Before making any disingenuous apologies and promises to make a change, make sure you and your partner want to stay to together. Take into consideration that you may have done what you did because you are truly no longer committed to your relationship. Make sure you are making the decision to repair your partner’s broken trust because you truly mean it and know your relationship is worth rebuilding, not because you feel guilty and obligated to do so.

Be Honest

If you are trying to understand how to gain your partner’s trust back, start with honesty. If you are the partner at-fault, you need to confess and apologize for your wrongdoings. If your partner confronts you, confess. This is your first test by them to see if they will be able to trust you again. Even if you lie, they are bound to discover the truth.

Some things that essentially make it impossible to repair trust include living a lie about the situation at-hand, invalidating the situation or the hurt partner’s emotions, being defensive, or assuming that the wronged partner needs to get over what happened. Being honest will increase your partner’s ability to truly believe that you are sincere with your desire to fix the situation and make things right again.

Focus On the Present

If you were the one who was wronged, it may be incredibly difficult to feel like you can trust your partner again. You may constantly be ruminating and worrying about the situation. These negative, repetitive thoughts about what happened/what may happen in the future will do nothing but worsen the situation and bring you down.

Doing either won’t help you come to a solution. When you realize you are doing this, bring yourself back into focus and the present day. Think about everything currently happening. If your partner’s promise to change has kept up, focus on that. Another way to trust your partner again is if your relationship has steadily been improving, remind yourself that the past is in the past.

Seek Couples Counseling

If you and your partner are struggling to gain trust back in your relationship, don’t hesitate to contact Marriage Couples Counseling in New York City. We will work with you to determine if the relationship is worth saving, as well as uncover many ways trust can be repaired between the two of you. We want nothing more than to help your relationship flourish so you and your partner can fall back in love every single day. Give us a call at 212-673-4618 to kickstart the process of bringing unconditional trust back into your relationship.

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