What Do Skilled Marriage Successes Suggest to Those About to Get Married?

Couples who have been married for decades must have learnt a trick or two which helps them stay married and enjoy the experience. What advice will they offer to couples thinking of getting married in the future? Should new couples meet difficulties, how can they receive the best advice from premarital counsellors such as ourselves?

Put Your Relationship First

Those with vast experience of a successful marriage will be pleased to pass on their favorite tips, so that you can learn from any difficulties that other couples have faced. Most will suggest that you should make the most of your relationship and it should become your first priority, although this may clash closely with you putting your children first and your relationship with your parents and perhaps, siblings.

Those with a great knowledge will suggest that it is better to talk through any difficulties and never retreat to your bedroom, to sleep in an angry mood. Coupled with this suggestion will be the advice to never leave during an argument, unless it becomes physically or mentally difficult for either partner. What they really mean is that it is better to talk through any issues so that you can bring them to a conclusion as soon as possible.

Understanding Forgiveness

When we meet with committed religious couples for premarital counselling, we know that they will quickly raise the subject of how quickly they should offer to forgive their partner, whoever caused the problem and whoever is to blame.

Each culture, religion and particularly where couples are mixed from different countries around the world, present their own background, respect and information, that makes the person what they are today.

When You Are Unsure of Your Next Move

We are ready and available to meet with any couple considering getting married in the future, especially where there are areas of discussion that have not yet taken place, because you have worries about the answers. As soon as we can arrange a meeting between both of you and our premarital counsellors, we can begin looking at ways to guide you towards a better relationship and future.

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